An Entirely New Category Of Beauty Products Has Emerged

Resourced from  Mind Body Green

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A great read today by Mind. Body. Green on the natural beauty market. Declaring a “new” category but , like me , you know this is not new. In fact this has been what Arbonne has produced for the last 38 years. The only difference is we use real Botanics and safe science !! Brilliance from the beginning and easy access to health conscious consumers online.

“Thanks to the hefty demand of discerning consumers and wellness mega-influencers, the natural beauty market is currently valued at $11 billion and is predicted to grow to $25 billion by 2025. It’s expanded so much over the last five years alone that it’s sprouted an entirely new category: the healthy hybrids.

Meet the ‘healthy hybrids.’

Healthy hybrid brands answer the cry of mission-driven millennials who aren’t willing to give up efficacy, are actively concerned about the environmental impact of their personal care products, and want to ensure that what they put on their bodies isn’t toxic.

Brands leading the healthy hybrid movement have landed in a white space where safety and efficacy are not mutually exclusive. Each has its own ingredient philosophy, but the common denominator of all is the judicious and intentional use of nontoxic synthetics. To be sure, healthy hybrids won’t replace the indie, small-batch, and “OG” natural brands we know and love. Instead, they will meet widespread demand for transparency, creating an entirely new category of nontoxic products that are cost-effective, results-driven, sustainability-minded, and perhaps most importantly, more accessible. ”

Resourced from Mind Body Green

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Live well. Cass x



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RE9 Anti – Ageing Skincare.
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