You are what you absorb not what you eat

There are really two main ways we absorb nutrients (and toxins.) One way is through our gut, and another is through our skin. So, it makes sense to be mindful of what we eat and what we place on our skin.

Of course, there are components in the water and air, which we absorb. Unfortunately, we don’t always have as much control over those. We do, however, have choices about what we ingest through our stomach and wear on our skin.

The first thing is to make sure that your pipes are clean. An overload of bad food along with unsavory chemicals creates toxicity in your system. Then, you get “clogged” up. Clogging creates fat cells. Your body wants to keep toxins away from your vital organs, so it sends them to adipose tissues. Clogging also results in headaches, joint pain, inflammation, hormone imbalance, and other pesky disorders and disease.

Unclogging requires a combination of stopping and starting. Stop: smoking, wearing poisonous cosmetics and skin products, drinking too much alcohol and coffee, and eating processed, refined foods and sugars.

Sounds overwhelming? If it seems too tough to do all at once, remove the most toxic items first. Even just cut down on a few. A 30-day nutritious food detox program can give you the support you need without throwing your body into shock. Be kind to yourself.

Our bodies are miraculous. They have incredible healing capacity.

Start: drinking water all day long. Practice methods to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Eat whole, organic, fresh produce, fish, lean meats, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and ancient grains. Exercise daily, with moderate to strenuous levels three-times-a-week.

Once you’ve unclogged, your body can absorb all the good things you offer it. Your immune system will be boosted; your serotonin levels increased, and overall you should have clear and pure energy. Check out Thrive for more updates on food and healthy living.

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