Unleash the Best Version of Yourself – Rachael Finch

20181003DSC_1668.jpgFrom Tom boy to Model to Miss Universe to Health & Wellness advocate, Business owner ( Body by Finch and BOD ) and mother, this is Rachael Finch !!
It was an honor interviewing Rachael Wednesday night in front a gorgeous groups of women at Toombul’s “Festival of you” month long event. Our conversation uncovered her absolute passion for living and teaching women how to Unleash their best self through what she refers to as her ” Circle of Life”.

I think in everyone’s life there comes a time when you have that “wake up call” and for Rachael that was after years of modelling, living off skinny lattes, diet soft drinks and low fat foods, obsessing over calories and focused entirely on making sure she fit in the clothes at castings ! While from the outside she may have looked great she was fundamentally malnourished and as a result her body was failing her.  She lost her periods for 2 years, had no energy, was living in a mind fog and knew things had to change.  Rachael admits that she felt much worse before she felt better but 10 years later she is a radiant example of good health.

Rachael’s “Circle of life” has been fundamental in her life long change and refers to being conscious of and improving 3 key areas of your life that in fact work synergistically together. Meals, Movement and Mindfulness.


Meals – Rachael is a huge fan of  balanced meals – Vegetables, lean protein ( as big as your palm ) , good fats and carbohydrates (quinoa, brown rice, sprout breads). Rachael admits she loves making Macro bowls and smoothies, eating every 3 – 4 hours and fasting overnight for 12 hours or more. While Rachael does not consume certain foods she does not advise a blanket diet for everyone but, while eating wholefoods, also encourages women to notice how certain foods make them feel and become conscious of their body.

Movement – Rachael moves her body every single day and encourages you to do the same. Every morning she will step out with her son Dominic and dog for a morning walk. Moving her body and being in the fresh air is such a great way to awaken the body and mind. On top of that gorgeous morning walk she will commit to moving her body for at least 1.2 hour a day, from strength to stretch to endurance, all her movement sessions are available online through her program Body by Finch.

Mindfulness – Meditation and mindfulness are as big a part of Rachael’s life as movement and meals. She has learnt from experience how stress can effect the natural processes in our bodies resulting in serious illness and health complications. Finding 10 minutes to sit and practice a breathing exercise helps to stop the continuous thoughts in the mind and as a result calms the body. Making a commitment to include mindful practices in your daily routine rounds off her “circle of life”.


I loved her philosophies and the simplistically of her outlook on healthy living. One that can be practiced now and for the rest of your life. Like she says, “I want to be 80 years old and still skiing the slopes, my health is my number 1 investment”

This week I have the honor of interviewing Wendy Gilroy who will be delivering evidence based tips to help mums achieve calmness and happiness in their lives !! Grab your tickets today xx

Live well. Cass xx


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