Wendy Gilroy on becoming a calmer and happier mum ……

What an privilege it was to interview Wendy Gilroy from  Mind Momentum this morning for Toombul’s Festival of you.


Wendy studied Psychology straight out of high school and absolutely loved the subject but felt she had at that point no “real world” experience to draw from. After years of using her learnt skills in a corporate career Wendy then became and mum and realized that no one was having ” THE ” conversations with mums or trying to help them work through the challenges. A burning desire and passion to help women live their happiest and most fulfilled version of themselves was lit and is now where she invests her knowledge. Helping women all around the world.

Wendy delivered today evidence based tips which absolutely left all who attended feeling like they had a greater understanding of the power of the mind and a toolbox to draw on.


Wendy says – The body / mind connection is so strong  and that working holistically on our body and mind simultaneously is essential !!

One tool for mums that Wendy shared this morning was a simple but highly effective breathing exercise. One that we can turn too in moments of building anxiety but more so to create a habit that over time becomes automatic.

Taking one hand to the heart and the other to the tummy, we breathe in for 3 counts and out for 5 . Deep long breathes. No other thoughts but to follow the breathe. Wake up each morning with this practice and carry on through out your day to reduce the build up of anxiety we all tend to feel.


Interestingly we have on average 60,000 thoughts in a day. Most of which are worries about the future or concerns about the past. Most of which are the same or very similar day in, day out. Creating stress and anxiety. The funny thing is our mind is so powerful and when we stop to notice exactly what we think on a daily basis we realize that has in fact become our reality.

How can we turn this around ?? Wendy encourages writing a journal as a way to release the concerns. Not just writing down your thoughts and experiences but also how you are feeling in your body when you have those thoughts / experiences. Wendy also loves a gratitude diary, knowing that we always have something to be grateful for and stopping to think about that is a great way to find joy and perspective. In fact it is simply not possible to have a negative thought at the same time as a grateful one # brainhack !

To continue to learn from Wendy and hear about her 7 dimensions of wellness I would encourage you to connect with her here. To continue to learn from Wendy and hear about her 7 dimensions of wellness I would encourage you to connect with her here.

And don’t worry mums, you are not different, we all have our challenges and actually around 50 % of us have post natal depletion.

Live well. Cass xx


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