Declutter your home and mind.

There is an unspoken connection between two people who are as silly as each other in photos !!

Got to say I had a fab time last night @toombulshoppingcentre Festival of you with @decluttering_diva_ !!

Who knew organisation could be so fun !!

Kristina has built her career & incredible business in organising over the last 5 years and her practical yet hilarious approach is totally refreshing.

Kristina does not believe in containers, containers and more containers ( because that’s just disguising clutter ! ) or in going crazy and getting everything done in one day. In fact as Kristina so helpfully mentioned you will continue to organise and declutter for the rest of your life so you may as well make it easy on yourself and fun !!

Here are her 4 points to help you get started :

– assign a time

– assign a space

– enlist help

– have fun

And what do you with all that clutter you no longer need in your house ?? @decluttering_diva_ has some great suggestions and avenues to give and help others.

To learn more connect with @decluttering_diva_ #getorganised #mumslife #cleanhouse #declutter #workingtogether #mc #wellness #clearspaceclearmind #creatingcalm #festivalofyou

Live well. Cass x

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