It is easy to get overwhelmed with the idea of Toxic Free Living

It is always a highlight for me when I get to talk to women about Toxic Free Living.


I appreciate it is a HUGE subject to tackle but my goal with all workshops is to give you some true and valid information about the dangers of many chemicals in our daily life. Give you a chance to consider how many exposures we all have in just a day to these chemicals and finally some practical, easy and quick switches you can make right away.

Did you know the average women uses over 18 personal care products just in the morning to get “ready” for the day, children at least 5 and men an average of 10. Fascinating right ! Plus in each of those products total ingredients range between 15 and 50. Interestingly our skin is the largest absorbing organ in our bodies and even though does an amazing job we are literally taking these chemicals into our bodies.  Not to mention food and cleaning products that we consume and touch in some way.

I mentioned this morning that many chemicals found in these products are toxic to our bodies.  They cause absolute havoc with the delicate balance of our amazing bodies and if you are interested in your own health and that of your family you should consider making some changes.

We know now from research that many chemicals are causing great health issues for example Phthalates and Paraben are estrogen mimicking. With too much estrogen ( or lack of progesterone ) and their purpose in our bodies we are aware that this can lead to fertility issue, auto immune diseases ( think about how many people you know with a thyroid issue ), hormonal issues and so much more. Now this is NOT the only factor BUT we can not control all factors ( for example the environment ) but I am a firm believer in controlling what we can.

This is not meant to scare you but to simply give thought to this subject. This is not to say grab everything and throw it out. In fact I want to leave you with just 4 products to concentrate on for a start and grow from there.



In stead of purchasing a multipurpose cleanser try this option. In a clean spray bottle fill  1/2 with water and 1/2 with vinegar then add the essential oil of your choice.

( please note these essential oils do so much more than listed but for the sake of this one product I have listed the benefit )

Lemon – Antibacterial properties

Tea Tree – Anti fungal properties

Clove – Kills mould


Considering the volume of sunscreen we use especially in the summer, lets consider using a natural option.

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide are ground minerals and are used as the key ingredients in natural sunscreens. They work by sitting on top of the skin ( like a piece of clothing ) to deflect UVA and UVB rays. A quality natural sunscreen will work just as efficiently in protecting you and your children as a typical chemical based sunscreen ( which by the way are absorbed into the skin ( and the bloodstream ) which is how they work ) .

The downside is they are thicker and whiter than the other sunscreen but I think a smart and easy swap.


You can’t expect to fuel your body and achieve optimal health by eating food, laced with toxic chemicals, that your body doesn’t recognize. So, why settle for getting by when you can thrive?

Pesticides and herbicides used on what we now know as “conventional” crops are by their very nature toxic, and your diet chronically exposes you to these dangerous poisons. The National Research Council claims that, in children especially, dietary intake of pesticides accounts for most pesticide exposure.

Luckily, eating organic foods can reduce pesticide buildup. A study in 2005 demonstrated that in as little as 15 days, children adopting a primarily organic diet experienced a dramatic decrease in urinary concentrations of organophosphorus pesticides.

You’ve likely been eating a conventional diet for years. Cleanse your body of toxic residues by substituting as much of your diet as you can with organic foods.

Many question the nutritional benefit of organic crops over conventionally grown crops . A recent study shed new light on the debate, providing evidence that organic foods are richer in nutrients and antioxidants and lower in heavy metals, especially cadmium, and pesticides.

Eating 100 % Organic for a family can be rather costly so while you are making some changes just focus on the Dirty Dozen as suggested by the WHO



Last on the list of tips for today is to switch just two personal care products in your bathroom. What product do you use the most ?? Is it toothpaste ?? Is it shampoo ?? Is it lipstick ??

Whatever it is make the change now to a safer option. 

When making choices online, at the supermarket or in a health food store ignore front of packet claims and instead check out what the company you are looking at stands for. How long have they been producing safer options and can I easily access they and purchase them when needed ?



Welcome to the world of Toxic Free Living !! I know overtime you will make some big shifts to really benefit your health.


Live Well. Cass xx



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