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Family Health

When kids, teens and young adults use sunscreen regularly, they have a 40 per cent reduced risk of developing melanoma late in life, according to researchers at the University of Sydney.


Here are some tips for getting sunscreen on your little people

  • Be a role model – If kids see you using sunscreen, it is 16 times more likely they’ll get into the habit as well, according to an Australian study published in the journal of American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Choose a natural sunscreen – Ever avoided something because it makes you uncomfortable ? Perhaps your child has an association with “stingy” sunscreen and just hates having it on ? Natural sunscreen is not only gentle on your little ones skin but will also not sting their eyes when swimming.
  • Let them apply their sunscreen. I know what you are thinking TOO MESSY but empowering children is a great way to get them to cooperate.


Enjoy the sun but remember to Slip, Slop , Slap


Live well .


Cass xxx


September 2017 me

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