Love yourself healthy

Women’s health

Love yourself healthy

Australian women’s health magazine is a fantastic light read for all things women’s health ( interesting “did you knows” ). One point that stood out to me while ready an article on Women and Weight loss was “love yourself healthy” but what does that actually mean ?

It means winding back the self – criticism. If you are judging yourself, all of your healthy habits become a punishment or chore and that is certainly not where we want to be.

While learning how to make changes in your eating and moving habits a big element is also changing your mindset and realising that all you are simply doing is nourishing your body in a way that shows how much you care about you.

Nourishing is not a chore but a act of self love and it feels great !

#womenhealth #nourishnotstarve #feelsgood #changinghabits

Live well.

Cass x

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