Slowing down

A slow movement is happening right now. There is so much talk about slowing down and reducing stress. I love that but often find it difficult. These three tips I read sometime ago and honestly they work wonders !! Try them out for yourself and let me know what you think:

1. Become a single-tasker

Forget doing it all – multi-tasking has been proven to increase stress and decrease productivity. So, instead of making lunches while you eat breakfast or checking emails while you make your morning coffee,low down and enjoy these rituals – and do one thing at a time. Ponder point – ” When there is no speed, there is no struggle” .


2. Have a real conversation ( DAMN I LOVE THIS ONE )

When was the last time you properly caught up with a friend, rather than hurriedly ping – ponging text messages as you both dashed from one appointment to the next ? Set aside an hour just to talk- its an ideal time to practice the art of listening and engage in quality conversation, which has been shown to make us feel good.  Ponder point – while small talk might not be bad, more meaningful conversations were linked to greater happiness.

3. Find yourself a hobby

So how does one join the slow movement ? Those who “live slow” encourage having hobbies that both excite and relax you, rather than filling your time with mundane tasks of little meaning. While r could be anything, ideally your hobby would tap into your passions ( and if you have been writing your #curiositylist  you will have a good clue about what they are ! ) One study published in the Journal of Epidemiology found that having a hobby gives you a sense of purpose, which could lead to a longer live. Ponder point – Ikigai ( the Japanese word ) translates to “What makes life worth living”.

slow 4.jpg

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