Hidden Gems of the Wide Bay Region


Tin Can BayThe Wide Bay and Burnett region starts 170 km north of Brisbane and expands another 230 km ( approx ) taking in some well known towns such as Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg but this trip was not about these towns, it was about the hidden gems only known to a few and here is what we discovered on our road trip in June.


  1. Be sure to pack a picnic because today we head out in search of the best picnic spot in Australia !  Only accessibly by 4WD is a sandy, bumpy and narrow track that runs from Agnes Waters south through Deepwater National Park. This track is surrounded by dense forest but every now and again you catch glimpses of a rugged coastline, crystal blue water lined with light grey and rusty orange boulders. Stopping at Wreck Rock Camping Ground you will be in awe of the view before you. A most perfect spot to stop for the day.
  1. Only the locals know about this one ! Dr Mays Island is located at the mouth of the Elliott River near Bundaberg. Once attached to the mainland Dr Mays Farm eventually became isolated due to erosion. During low tide and over the cooler month you can set out on the sandy journey to Dr May’s Island. It is only a short walk and for that you will be rewarded with rock pools where you can simply watch the dense and magnificent marine life as it unfolds under the sea or jump in yourself. A true natural gem.
  1. Did you pack your bike ? Enjoy the 15 km round journey from Burnett Heads to Bargara. The track itself is easy to ride for all fitness levels and relatively flat but scenery along this coastal track changes immensely. From cliff rugged coastlines, to dense forest along Mon Repo beach ( where the turtles nest ) to farmlands and the beautiful beaches of Baragara. If you are there through the cooler months keep your eyes on the ocean for the migration of humpback whales.
  1. A place to be still ! You will experience complete tranquility when you visit  Tin Can Bay. Surrounded by a vast, still and absolutely stunning inlet you could spend hours simply sitting and looking out at the waterways or maybe even throw in a fishing line. While you are there don’t forget head to the marina where you may meet the local resident dolphins at Barnacles Cafe.
  1. Did someone say a drive on the beach ? Nothing says Queensland quite like a drive on a beautiful beach. A popular area but not often know to many is Rainbow Beach. Nestled between Fraser Island, Great Sandy National Park and The expansive Pacific Ocean. You will be struck by the beauty of this beach. Some say it was named Rainbow Beach because of the mountainous rainbow coloured sand dunes that completely encompass the beach others say it was named after HMS Rainbow but Rainbow Beach ( or Back beach as affectionately known by locals ) is a place you simply need to experience. Nature has never looked so good.


Live Well. Cass x


Wide Bay Country side

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