Shea Butter 

Ingredient focus : Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamin A,E and F and provides essential fatty acids and nutrients to support skin hydration #sheabutter #arbonne #pure #safe #beneficial #vegan #heritagebrand #est1980 leader in natural alternatives. 


Stay Cool, Look Hot !

The Trouble with long summer day, scorching heat and humidity is that your melting makeup can have you looking like a hit mess by midday. Here's how you can stop the summer melt and still look fab : Fingers & Toes painted in fun, bright summer colors always make you look well-groomed. Gel products like …

Foundation woes

I've heard so may people say they have searched everywhere for a foundation that is light enough / dark enough / suitable for their skin type etc. This cosmetic line impresses as there are 15 difference shades and they hydrate the skin whilst supplying fantastic coverage. I always offer free colour matching before any purchase …