Green Smoothie For Energy & Glowing Skin by Food Matters

This really is the Big Daddy of nutritious breakfasts! It is your direct ticket to getting some easy greens into your system and having them work their magic. Packed with chlorophyll for energy, healing and that glowing skin! Combined with a good dose of potassium to help regulate and maintain healthy cells, this smoothie is an …


Greens powder : will it keep you healthy this winter ?? 

“A green powder supplement is like a multivitamin on steroids,” nutritionist Teresa Boyce says. “They offer you all the vitamins and minerals of a multi but with added nutrients such as probiotics, prebiotics, detoxification nutrients and disease-protective antioxidants.” Boyce agrees that diet is paramount and says the bulk of it should be whole foods and …

Green goodness 

Its nice to be back into a routine. My body really missed my daily shot of green goodness while we were away !! 🌱 #greengoodness #wellness #healthychoices #healthyisthenewhappy #vegan