The Wellness Collective Events

The Wellness Collective was born out of a desire to share knowledge around health & wellness but in bite-sized entertaining chucks that everyone could take and implement in their lives.

We will be bringing together wellness ambassadors & professionals to share with you their stories & knowledge on a HUGE range of topics. Enjoy workshops, seminars and fitness classes all with the theme of helping you make small changes for big long term health impacts.

If you strive to learn more and live a little better these events are for you. I hope you can join us :

The Relationship between food & behavior in children

Some years ago I was introduced to Louise D’Allura at my sons Kindergarten. It was an information night on preservatives in our food. I was, at this point, curious to learn more. The evening for me had many light bulb moments and really opened my eyes to the effects preservatives, colours, flavors (all artificial) had not only on our health but also our behaviors and that of our children. I am truly thrilled to present to you Louise as she shares with you her incredible knowledge around this subject. – Cassandra Trezise – The Wellness Collective.
A UK Government-funded study confirms what many parents have long suspected – some of the chemicals put into everyday foods and drinks can cause temper tantrums, sleep disturbance and disruptive behavior.
Join Queensland’s Additive Alert Community Talks Presenter – Home Economist Louise D’Allura from Meal Planning Your Way, for an educational session as she shines the spotlight on popular food choices to reveal some alarming surprises in everyday healthy food choices. During this fun and informative seminar you’ll learn:
· Which food additives are linked to health, learning and behavior problems (including asthma and hyperactivity).
· How easy it is to shop smarter and still stay sane.
· How to read and interpret food labels so you know which additives are worth avoiding. Everyone receives a handy Additives to Avoid card to make shopping simple.


Your Supermarket date. The Staples tour.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices in the aisles?
Are you wanting to make some healthier changes for your family but don’t know where to start?
It really can be easy once you know where and what to look for.
Join me for a 1 hour group tour.
Groups are capped at 5 participants.
You will walk away feeling empowered to take control of your families and your health.
Small changes are significant. Let’s start with your staples.
Booking are essential and your workbook is included.