Who is Cassandra Trezise ?


Cassandra Trezise is a vibrant, game-changing , mum and entrepreneur. Her zest for life and positive attitude is contagious and she would love nothing more than for you to feel incredible.
Throughout her life Cassandra has always had goals and big dreams. Her previous career in the travel industry saw her reach desired milestones but after sitting comfortably in the “dream job” for 5 years and having lost her sense of self in the vortex of parenthood ( 3 little baby boys later ), Cassandra realized life needed to change. A fire was lit and curiosity set in. She wanted to step out of the stigma of mum / wife and to challenge the ideals of “having it all”. She wanted it all, the money, the time, and the confidence. The balance of a rewarding & creative career without losing the precious time with her family & friends.

September 2017 me 11
After finding her passion as a Wellness & Lifestyle Ambassador 5 years ago, Cassandra shares her personal experiences and journey. Challenging the stigma of alternative health & wellness being for “stinky hippes” she does her life green and with style !!
Her passion is to empower women to change the way they think about themselves, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything. She encourages healthy thoughtful living for all members of the family.
Most mornings she wakes up and pinches herself as to how incredible her life is, but Cassandra is also acutely aware and honest about the bumps and tumbles along the way. In between being an entrepreneur & social butterfly, Cassandra is mum to 3 small boys and husband to Clint and would not have life any other way.

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